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Why Choose ProSTAR

ProSTAR™ Industries offers you services and benefits beyond that of traditional concession distributors, such as:

Consolidate your purchases and take advantage of our buying power – make ProSTAR™ your one-stop shop for all of your maintenance equipment, cleaning and supplies, paper and sanitary products.

Use our "Quick Ship" shipping program and you'll receive your products within three (3) to five (5) working days.

Decrease liability and increase safety. We make sure your maintenance program and products are compliant with OSHA and government regulations.

Improve employee morale and decrease turnover by simplifying janitorial responsibilities. Our products are easy to use and come in both English and Spanish.

Spend more time managing your facility and less time maintaining it with our on-line ordering, on-line training and on-line programs.

All these benefits translate into saving you time and money.

All of our Maintenance Management Program products are proven to be effective in facility maintenance. Grease, oils and syrups are no match for our cleaners’ premium performance. (They are) high-powered, yet safe and easy to use. Our products are very comprehensive, cost-effective, consistent and complete.

Ease of use
All aspects of the ProSTAR System are designed for quick and efficient use. Every step of our product preparation and usage requirements is spelled out in easy-to-understand training and instructions. Color-coded charts are provided with the Solution Systems and are color-keyed to the labels on each product designed for use in that area, and all labels and instructions are in a bilingual format for ease of use by all of your staff.

Innovative techniques are used to train and certify employees in the proper preparation and use of the products. Upon request we can provide interactive CDs and DVDs allow paced and thorough instruction.

Our Maintenance Management Program combines our unique Solution System with our Direct Ship Program, forming an unequaled solution to facility maintenance no other company can offer.

Features of our Maintenance Management System:
— Easy-to-use products are color-coded for easy recognition
— Wall charts are in English and Spanish, showing which products to use in what area
— Tamper-resistant packaging and solution mixing center, reducing waste by eliminating product misuse
— Government compliance with our right-to-know stations
— Education and training of maintenance personnel
— Monthly management reports aiding with proper inventory and over-use of products

Features of direct shipping
Control – We monitor your locations’ usage to prevent excess inventory build-up and to detect overuse early on.
Consistency – Each of your locations has the same product, which means transferring personnel understand the system of cleaning and ordering.
Consolidation – More items through one company results in more buying power, reduces shipping costs and reduces administrative burdens.

To receive more information about our Maintenance Management Program, please fill out our more information form, or e-mail info@prostarind.com


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