Window Cleaning Techniques and Tips

A few simple techniques to keep your window sparkling...

  • Area to be squeezed must be wet. To wet window, use properly diluted window-cleaning concentrate.
  • Apply enough solution to keep the window wet while using squeegee. If window dries, apply more solution. The squeegee will not work on a dry surface!
  • Tilt squeegee slightly to prevent from dripping onto dried areas.
  • Overlap each pass of the squeegee.
  • Wipe squeegee after each pass.
  • For smaller windows, use the squeegee in a back & forth, horizontal motion or spray with window cleaner and wipe with a clean dry towel.
  • For larger windows, thoroughly wet the top of the window. Work from left to right & top to bottom. Repeat cleaning pattern until one strip remains. The final pass is made across the bottom of the window.
  • Be certain to view the finished product from various angles to make sure there are no streaks

More Cleaning Tips

Information provided in these cleaning tips is of a general nature and may not be appropriate in all situations. Consequently the author makes no representation of warranty as to the completeness, correctness, or utility of the information contained in the cleaning tips as it may apply to a specific situation. Therefore, readers are encouraged to consult with ProSTAR industries for specific information and guidance.