Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Levelor blinds can be a real challenge to keep clean. If you feather dust them, the dust tends to fly everywhere making everything else dusty. If you vacuum them, it can be awkward, time consuming, and usually does not do the best job.

If your blinds are really dirty, consider hiring a service that specializes in blind cleaning. It can be surprisingly inexpensive, usually $3-$10 per blind. They come in the morning, take the blinds down, clean and treat them, and re-hang them later that same day. Often they can fix the strings, straighten up the blinds, and return them looking essentially brand new.

If the blinds have not reached this point, you can dust them yourself. Take an old white sock, spray an "end dust" type product on them, and go over each blind one by one. You will get even better results by using "lambs wool."

More Cleaning Tips

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