Smelly Bathrooms - The surprising Culprit!

One of the most common complaints a janitorial contractor receives is that of smelly bathrooms. The smell can come from several areas including the floor, under urinals or sinks, or from the floor drain that is often found in commercial restrooms.

If it is the drain, apply a half-cup of bleach mixed with water on a monthly basis. This usually takes care of the problem. If the smell is coming from the fixtures, a detailed, deep cleaning may be called for.

But if none of these suggestions work, look up. Often bacteria, which usually causes smells in restrooms, is trapped in the ceiling of the restroom. This is an area that stays damp due to the humidity found in most restrooms, which allows bacteria to flourish. Wash the ceiling and overhead light fixtures with a germicidal cleaner. Rinse clean. Surprise, this may indeed be the source of the problem.

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