Mats Mats And More Mats

Clean entrance mats and walk off mats - 12 to 15 feet long - at the entry door catch 30 percent or more of the soil tracked into a building within the first few feet. Up to 85 percent is trapped within 15 feet. Entrances are just one area to apply mats. Entrances to freight elevators should also be matted as well as areas around food areas.

Entry mats are so important because this is where most of the dirt and soil,, that often ends on office carpets, comes from. It is often quite obvious in some buildings that the further away a carpeted area is from the entry, the cleaner it remains.

More ways to keep soil from tracking into an office area is to make sure the rest of the buildings, especially its entrances, are kept clean. Clean entrances, free of dirt and litter, reduce what can be tracked in to the building. Entrances should be swept each visit the building service contractor makes. In busier locations, a day porter may be needed as well to maintain the entry.

The mats themselves may need to be changed as often as once per day depending on the traffic. They should also be vacuumed regularly. This prevents dry soil, which gets worked into the mat, from escaping and ending up on the office carpet

More Cleaning Tips

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