Paste Wax for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be made truly beautiful by polishing them with floor waxes made specifically for hardwood floors.

First, you must sweep and clean the floor. The cleaner the floor is, the better and easer your job will be. If using a liquid paste wax, mop it on to the floor as directed by the application using a very clean mop and bucket. Always apply a thin coat. Very light coats of all floor finishes are the secret to a very high luster and shine.

The paste dries will dry fairly quickly. Go over it with a low speed buffer and buff the floor. It should shine up right away.

You can now buff the floor on a regular basis to "re-shine" it. In time, and after considerable use and traffic, you will need to apply the paste wax again and start all over.

When using a "hard" paste wax, apply a thin coat again. You must apply hard wax by hand so it takes more time. By the time you finish the entire floor, the paste wax will be dry and you can buff it with a slow speed just as you did with the liquid paste wax. A hard wax tends to last longer and will buff up more often then a liquid paste wax.

When you buff the floor, use a soft bristle type attachment that you can get for your buffer instead of a pad. They work better. You may have to dust mop the floor after buffing as a finishing touch to remove any dust.

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