Cleaning Glass Shower Stalls

If you live in an area of the country that has "hard water," be prepared for it to stain the walls, floors and the glass enclosures of your shower. By allowing the water to dry on the glass door or the floor or walls of the shower, it will almost certainly leave a water stain.

To prevent this, wipe down the shower after every use by using a squeegee and wiping down the glass doors and walls. If you are in a rush, use your towel and wipe the glass/wall surfaces clean. Getting the water off the surface before it has a chance to stain will prevent it from happening.

If you are already having problems, there are steps you can take. But first remember, when cleaning glass be careful to use a very soft scouring pads. The pad can scratch the glass and cause permanent damage.

To remove water stains, spray some toilet bowel cleaner over the door. Using a very soft scouring pad, wipe down the shower. Rinse it off with cool water and then dry. As a final step, use a window cleaner to remove streaks.

More Cleaning Tips

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