Concrete Floor Care

Concrete floors are often found in warehouses, industrial operations and workrooms. Occasionally you will find an office using a concrete floor as well.

These floors should be sealed with a concrete sealer. By sealing the floor, the area becomes less dusty which will allow for easer maintenance. It also fills the pores of the concrete and the floor has a much smoother surface that is easier to maintain.

If it is a brand-new concrete floor, it may need to be "etched" with a muriatic acid solution prior to ceiling. This allows the sealer to bond correctly. If you use muriatic acid or anything similar, be very careful in the handling and application of the product.

To do the job right, the floor should be scrubbed first to really clean it using a stripping solution. To do a complete floor strip and wax, charges range from 17 to 25 cents per square foot plus supplies. Since you are not really doing a complete strip and wax, you might want to bring your charge down somewhat.

I would definitely pass on the cost of the supplies especially the sealer. Cement floors are porous as mentioned above. It will probably take a couple of applications before you even notice the sealer. The sealer will give you list it's coverage area on the label so you have an idea how much to use and how much you will need.

More Cleaning Tips

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