Cleaning Office Computers

Be very careful when cleaning a computer. First of all, many machines are left on 24 hours per day to send and receive messages. Bumping or touching the keyboard could cause something to malfunction. You also have to be careful vacuuming around them and making sure no liquids touch the mouse, the keyboard or the CPU itself.

As far as cleaning, use rubbing alcohol. Pour a little on a clean rag and go over the area. Not only will it clean the keyboard, mouse and plastic enclosures, it disinfects as well. If you have a serious cleaning problem, first use an all-purpose cleaner first and then use the rubbing alcohol. As an extra bonus, rubbing alcohol also shines up plastic.

Rubbing alcohol is also the best product to use for cleaning home and office telephones. As mentioned above, not only will it clean the phone and shine it, it helps disinfect as well.

More Cleaning Tips

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