Bidding Too High Or Too Low And Negotiation

How do you re-negotiate a contract when you find it is taking more time to clean and more money to maintain the location than you estimated? This happens and it happens with large and small janitorial companies as well as experienced and inexperienced business owners. Since it is common, do not be embarrassed. It just has to be handled, and here are some ways to do that.

As soon as you realize that you have made a mistake and have not started the account, you can discuss it with the customer before taking over the service. Ask to meet with them in their office. Be sincere, humble and of course honest. Tell them why you are concerned, so that they better understand your situation. Let them know what you feel the monthly charge should be. Often you will be able to re-negotiate with them on the spot.

Something very important to remember, the customer does not always hire a janitorial service or any vendor just because of their bid amount. They hire because they want you, bond with you, like you, trust you, and were impressed with you. If you handle this meeting well, these feelings will only be increased, not lessened.

Also remember, ultimately the customer wants this to work for you and for them. It takes your client time to take bids, walk people through their building, evaluate proposals, call on references, or even visit with them. Hiring a janitorial service is just one of their many duties. If they found someone they like and want to try, most likely they will work with you on the re-negotiation as long as it is fair.

Another way to handle the situation at the same meeting is to offer to clean the office for 30 to 90 days at the amount quoted and see how things work out. Many times the concerns you have iron themselves out and you can continue at the amount originally quoted.

What happens if you go ahead and start the service believing your bid is good and you can make a profit but then find it is too low? This also happens many times. Continue cleaning the office for at least three or four weeks to see exactly how long it takes and if the time is coming down. If not, call the customer and discuss the situation just as in the proceeding scenario. But, before you call for a meeting, you must do one very important thing. Make sure that office looks TERRIFIC! You cannot re-negotiate after starting the service if they are not happy with your work. You must re-negotiate from strength, after you have proven yourself to your customer. If they are not happy and they took other bids, they may just move on to the next bidder. But if they are happy, they will work with you.

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