Bank Cleaning

Rarely does a bank contract out one branch or location at a time. Usually, they offer the same cleaning service a cluster of locations: 8-20 branches. The good part about clusters is that they quickly become a nice size account. The problem is that the branches can be literally all over the place so that there may be considerable driving time to service them all.

Banks like to give several locations to one cleaning company for a number of reasons. It cuts down on their bookkeeping, there is only one vendor to call if there is a problem, and they look for a lower charge per location by offering several locations at once.

The cleaning involved in a bank is fairly standard. Even though they get a lot of customer traffic, they tend to stay fairly clean throughout the day except for the teller area. This is where your work will be located.

As far as the charges: There is not one "right" way to bid for janitorial work, banks, offices, gyms, or any other. Bidding just is not an exact science. No person, book, consultant or organization has ever come up with a perfect bidding formula.

With banks, there are many variables to consider when bidding: Do they want Tiffany service or is a more basic service appropriate? Is it a busy location (very important, see how many full-time tellers they have)? Are there many people working in a small space or just a few (density of the location)? Try to inspect the location on Monday or Friday? These are the busiest days of the week for a bank.

As to the actual square footage charge, 6-12 cents per square foot is often in the range. Much depends on the variables mentioned above and the frequency of service per branch. Bidding by the square foot is only one way to bid. Also consider time, expenses, supplies needed, and driving time to the locations.

To get more branches with the same bank, stress quality, quality, quality in all your work. Be very responsive to phone calls and requests. Always offer banks five (5) day trash holds even if they do not request it. Collect the teller trash separately and date it. Many times a receipt or document is missing and it is found in the trash. They will be very happy you held the trash for five days when that happens.

More Cleaning Tips

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