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Theater Janitorial Workload

Based on your entries, this form will estimate your workload- including hours, number of employees and weekly cost estimates for your nightly cleaning.  The workload estimator does not include booth or box office cleaning or cleaning during  operational hours.

To receive an estimate, answer the questions below and click the Calculate button

Theater Janitorial Workload Estimator  

Do you have stadium seating?

How many screens is your theatre?

Do you want to have your concession cleaned? (Partial means poppers and floors only, Full or None)

Total number of poppers in your facility?

Total number of restroom fixtures, to include sinks, urinals and toilets?

Lobby, total square footage (include game room and restaurant)

Is your lobby more than 75% tile?

How many concessions do you have?

Total number of seats in your facility?

General Specification overview


Includes picking up big trash, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.


Includes sweeping, mopping, emptying trash cans and cleaning glass doors.


Includes emptying hallway trash cans and trash cans outside the auditorium entrances.


Includes sweeping, mopping and disinfecting  floors, empting  all waste receptacles and sanitary disposals, cleaning  and disinfecting commodes, urinals, lavatories, faucets/sinks, diaper depot, and other fixtures, check & refill all soap dispensers, check & refill all toilet tissue, seat protectors and paper dispensers, check & refill sanitary napkin/tampon vending machine, dust and clean vents.

Concession Cleaning:

Full Concessions includes: cleaning poppers, condiment equipment, butter machine, and other concessions equipment, countertop, doors and walls. Removing mats, sweeping and mopping floors, empty trash and replace liners, Wash and sanitize all kitchen utensils and dishes.


Remove trash from front entry courtyard and landscaping, empty Cigarette urns and refill sand as needed, empty exterior trash cans and reline, wipe down exterior telephones


Includes weekly and monthly specifications, equipment preventative maintenance and wiping down game machines.

To get a more detailed list of our sample cleaning specifications, click here.


Actual Employees Needed

Actual Shift Hours

Weekly Totals

General Cleaning

Total Direct Labor Hrs

Price Per Screen

This calculation does not factor in the cost of cleaning equipment and supplies. The Janitorial Workload Estimator is to be used as an estimate only and is based on a national average hourly rate for janitorial service. If you have any questions, please email us at service@prostarind.com.


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