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ProSTAR SinkSource Installation Guide

1. Before installation of the ProSTAR SinkSource, ensure that you have the following items:

• SinkSource Start-Up kit (bracket, mixing center, hoses, etc.)
• 5 gallon pail of DW (dish washing liquid with red lid)
• 5 gallon pail of DS (dish sanitizer with black lid)
• SinkSource Wall Chart
• T&S sink adapter
• Roll of plumber’s tape
• Set of 6 plastic tie straps

2. Install metal wall bracket on wall behind sink. Center the bracket in the middle of the sink. Mark the wall with a pen or pencil. Drill three holes where marked and insert screw mounts provided. Screw metal bracket in place.

3. Slide metal SinkSource mixing center onto bracket by placing the top in first behind the small upper lips on bracket, then pushing down into place behind large bottom lip on bracket.

4. Connect hose to Sink Source securely as shown below.

5. Disconnect faucet and wrap thread with plumbing tape to eliminate leaks.

6. Insert T&S adapter as shown below. Make sure the black knob is above the hose connection. Reinstall the faucet above the T&S adapter after wrapping plumbing tape around the threads. Cut hose to appropriate length and connect cut end to T&S adapter using clamp provided.

7. Connect product hoses to each side of the Sink Source. Each tube is labeled. The red labeled tub is inserted on the left side of the SinkSource and the black labeled tube is inserted on the right side of the SinkSource. Remove any existing hand pumps and insert hoses in the holes as shown below. If no holes are available, run hoses along sink and down sides. Use clamps to organize hoses to be neat and out of the way as necessary.

8. Place respective tubes into each 5 gallon pail provided. Red DW pail is placed under left sink and the black DS pail is placed under the right sink. Tubes are inserted as shown below.

9. Insert large hoses on the base of the wall mounted sink source. Ensure metal ring is secured at the top of the hose to hold it in place.

10. Place the left hose into the left sink and cut to desired length. Place the right hose into the right sink and cut to be approximately two inches from the bottom of the sink. To operate the SinkSource turn black knob on faucet perpendicular to faucet and turn knobs on the SinkSource to “on” position. This will draw the DS and DS up from the buckets and mix with water in correct proportion, filling sinks. When desired levels are achieved, simply turn knobs on SinkSource back to “off” position.

Should you encounter any problems during installation or use, please call ProSTAR
Industries at 1-800-262-7104 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CST.



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