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ProSTAR Cleans-All Mixing Center Procedures

To fill up quart bottles:

1. Select proper color coded bottle (Blue-“G” Glass, Yellow-“M” Multi-Purpose, Orange-“C” Concession, and Purple- “ D” Disinfectant/Deodorant).
2. Turn knob on right side of mixing center (quart bottle fill-up side) to match bottle, i.e. if glass cleaner is desired, set knob on blue glass cleaner label with “G” icon.
3. Insert the bottle, making sure the grey tube is inside of the bottle. Then push up until you hear a click.
4. Chemical will begin dispensing at correct ratio automatically.
5. Release bottle when full and screw on the trigger sprayer. Note: Chemical will not shut off automatically.

To fill up mop bucket:

1. Select desired product from the left side (mop bucket fill-up) of mixing center (Green-“H” Hard Floor surface
, Purple-“D” Disinfectant, Light Blue-Bonnet-Pre-treat spray, Lavender-Tile and Grout cleaner).
2. Remove hose from left side of mixing center.
3. Place hose in mop bucket.
4. Press the release handle at the end of the hose until you hear a click.
5. Chemical will dispense at proper ratio.
6. When the bucket is full, release handle and place hose back on left side of mixing center.

Questions-call 1-800-262-7104 between hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CST



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