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Series III Solution Mixing Center Installation Guide

1. Before you begin the installation, ensure you have all necessary parts and products. The following items should have been provided (numbers may vary depending upon size of theatre):

Bottles: (1) Series III Solution Mixing Center kit which includes: mixing center, 6 foot water hose, mounting bracket, three screws, three screw mounting inserts, drainage hose, installation and troubleshooting guide, spare bag of colored dilution tips.
• Bottles: (2) Blue “G” bottles, (2) Yellow “M” bottles, (2) Orange “C” bottles, (2) Purple “D” bottles
• (8)Trigger sprayers
• (1) Color Coded Theatre Cleaning Wall Chart
• (1) Right to Know Station
• (1) 5-Gallon Pail of Cleans-All (Green Lid)
• (1) 5-Gallon Pail of Universal-D Disinfectant (Purple Lid)

2. Begin the installation by removing the old mixing center. Mount the new Series III Solution Mixing Center by first placing the small bracket horizontal to the ground (approximately 4 feet high). Must be approximately 5 feet from the sink. Mark the wall through the two holes with a pen or pencil. Drill two holes where marked and insert the screw mounts into the holes that are provided in the kit. Place the bracket over the holes and screw securely in place making sure sliding lip is on top. (see photos below)

• Note: We suggest you make every attempt to cover old holes in the wall
during the installation of new unit for cosmetic purposes.

3. Slide the Series III Solution Mixing Center onto bracket as shown below.

4. Mark the wall again using a pen or pencil through hole in quart bottle side. Then slide the Series III Solution Mixing Center off and drill a hole at the mark. Insert screw mount into hole. Next, slide the Series III Solution Mixing Center back in place and insert third screw through hole. This third screw will keep the mixing center from sliding left or right on the bracket and hold it securely in place.

5. Remove the cover by pressing in slightly on both sides. Connect water hose to the Series III Solution Mixing Center, making sure it is connected securely to avoid water leakage. This can be done by hand.

6. Connect the other end of the hose directly to the faucet on the janitor’s sink.
(Note: A simple “Y” connector can also be placed on the faucet of the janitor’s sink if desired. These can be purchased at any local plumbing or hardware store)

7. Remove caps from Cleans-All and Universal-D Disinfectant pails. Insert chemical tubes into the 5 gallon pail of Cleans-All and Universal Disinfectant making the correct tube is placed in the correct pail. There is a color label placed on each tube. The green label is for Cleans-All (green lid) and the purple label is for Universal-D Disinfectant which has a purple lid. (Note: A filter, weight and lid should remain on each hose for future pails.

8. Insert the spare tube onto overflow spout on quart bottle side and place other end of the tube into the sink drain. This will catch any overflow from the quart bottles and drain into the sink.

9. Turn on the water and begin priming tubes by selecting the various products on the left side of Series III Solution Mixing Center using product knob. Turn the knob to each product and squeeze trigger on hose. You will see internal tubes fill with product. Make sure there is no water leakage from hose connections or any product leakage. Also watch for air bubbles in the tubes. If you see air bubbles, simply tighten all internal tubes. You should see the green and purple product draw up the hoses as each product is selected on the mixing center.

10. Place each color coded bottle into the quart bottle fill-up side on the right by inserting the small black tube into the bottle. You should have blue “G” bottles for glass cleaner, yellow “M” bottles for Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Orange “C” bottles for Concession Cleaner and purple “D” bottles for Disinfectant. Gently lift each bottle up onto the tube until the mixing engages and product begins dispensing into the bottle. Each bottle matches the mixing center labels with color and icon to eliminate confusion. Ensure that each internal tube fills with product. Again, watch for any bubbles within the tubes and tighten if necessary.

• (Note: The glass cleaner is diluted to one ounce per gallon so it will have only a slight
green tint. The multipurpose is diluted to four ounces of product per gallon, so it will be
slightly darker green than the glass cleaner. The Concession Cleaner is diluted to 8
ounces per gallon so will be slightly darker green than the Multi-Purpose Cleaner)

11. Place cover back on the Series III Solution Mixing Center and apply small screw on either side (only requires one). Screw comes with the kit in a small plastic bag. Hang color coded wall chart and right-to-know within a close proximity of the Series III Solution Mixing Center using double sided tape. Each right to know station contains technical sheets and MSD sheets on each product. This should be kept in a convenient location near the unit. When completed, the chemical Series III Solution Mixing Center should look similar to photo below.

• If you encounter any problems during installation, call ProSTAR customer service at 1-800-262-7104 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.



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