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Equipment Cleaning & Training

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concession and restaurant

Ready to use chemicals




A. Wear goggles and rubber gloves when working with harsh chemicals.

B. Never leave anything laying about which may cause someone to trip.

C. Keep floor mats in place until time to sweep and mop.

D. Do not handle a hot popcorn kettle. Allow sufficient cooling time.

E. Avoid any kind of horseplay. This is extremely forbidden and will not be tolerated.

F.Open doors slowly.

G. Be careful of sharp objects such as scrapers.

H. Know the location of fire extinguishers and first aid supplies.

I. Have handy the telephone numbers of theatre management, police departments, fire departments and emergency services.

J. Use proper lifting techniques when handling heavy objects. Wear a back brace if possible.

K. Use “Caution, Wet Floor” signs to advise coworkers of slippery floors.



A. Check all doors for security several times per night. Once when you first arrive, once during the shift and at the end of the shift right before you leave. (This final check is the responsibility of the supervisor or his assistant.)

B. If the managers and staff have already left the building and you find a door open or unsecured when you arrive, do not enter the building. Immediately call the police. Let them look around and check the security of the building.

C. Never prop a door open while you work. Always use a key to reenter a building (such as when you are taking out the trash.)

D. Never let anyone in the building if they are not a crew member. Tell customers they should call or come by the theatre after the box office opens the next day.

E. Do not leave the building alone. Always use the “buddy system.”

F. When taking out the trash, make sure there is adequate lighting. If there is not, the City Manager should notify the Manager. If it is still not taken care of, contact the Director of Theatre Services and he will notify the Region Leader of the potential danger.

G. Always check around corners and blind spots when entering and exiting a building.Keep an eye out for suspicious people.


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