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Equipment Schematics

ProSTAR Equipment


3M 6000 Manual Sweeper

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1000HV Speedster Carpet Extractor
1001HV Speedster Carpet Extractor
1003HV Speedster Carpet Extractor

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Perfect Upright Vacuum

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MegaVac Backpack Vacuum
ProForce 1400XP
SuperCoach Backpack Vacuum

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93030 Wide Area Vacuum
BD + BR 750 Automatic Scrubber
BD + BR Ride-on Trike Automatic Scrubber
BR400 Automatic Scrubber
BR5340 Automatic Scrubber
BRVario Cylindrical Brush Floor Machine
CV30 + CV38 Upright Vacuum
DS Floor Machine
KM650I Push Sweeper
Marathon 2000 Carpet Extractor
Taskforce Trot Mop 1700
Windshear 3000 Air Mover

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Barracuda Wide Area Upright Vacuum
DR1500 Floor Machine
Fang18C Automatic Scrubber
Fang20T Automatic Scrubber
Shovelnose Wet/Dry Vacuum
Slider Carpet Extractor
Venom Floor Machine
Whiptail Floor Fan

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