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Product Costs For Dish Wash Costfinder

Enter your price for the following ProSTAR solutions then click the
"Calculate Product Costs" button below. These prices will insert
themselves throughout the cost finder pages and need to be entered if
you want to use the cost finder

Product   Description Package size Cost/Qt. Qts./Case PRICE
ProSTAR DW Dishwashing Detergent 5 GAL $


ProSTAR DS Dishwash Sanitizer 5 GAL $


Enter the blanks below and press the " Calculate Dish Wash Costs" button below.

Manual Dish Wash Detergent & Sanitizer

Code Name Pkg PRICE USE
  Pro STAR "DW" 5 Gal $ $
  Pro STAR "DS" 5 Gal $ $
    L W D
  Enter sink dimensions (in inches)
  Enter number of water changes per day
  Enter number of operating days per month
Depending on your prescrapping/soaking procedures , water temperature and frequency of changing the sink water, COSTFINDER'S projected cost per diluted gallon of DETERGENT is: $
COSTFINDER'S projected cost per gallon of SANITIZER is: $
Your cost per sink load (DETERGENT and SANITIZER) is: $
This projection is based on common soil levels for your account type using the products shown above.
COSTFINDER'S projected cost indicates a combined monthly cost of: $

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